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The bal - organised to the honor of the Bohemian princesses - was very well done. The princes from neighboring countries milled around the twins. They entertained them with stories about their own kindgdoms, and tried to extort a promise that soon they can see them as guests in their court. By the end of the evening all the four princesses accepted an invitation.
Tvasa choosed Hyacinth, the prince of Floralia whose country was famous for its fabulous gardens and uniqe kind of flowers.
Rany choosed Finn, the prince of Laguna whose country was built above and over the surface of the sea and provided insight into the lives of the amazing creatures who live there.
Zosa choosed Cedar, the prince of Rengeteg whose country was in the eternal forests, full with hidden secrets that almost no one knows.
Leta choosed Fjord, prince of Borealia whose country around the sun didn’t get up for months and magical lights roamed the sky.

The time of departure came. King Rokve wished the best for his daughters during their visitings and asked them to don’t stay too long. The four princesses set off on four roads and then when the noise of the landaus died away, the king of Bohemia returned into the palace with heavy heart. The halls haven’t been loaded with his beloved daughters’ laugh. He sat ont he throne and buried himself in the memories. He recalled his deceased wife, the charming Macrame, who came from Tarna what was famous for the hendicraft. Beautiful stones and crystals were mined there, and they placed crystals into the base of every new home to protect the its inhabitants. Macrame, after she became the queen of Bohemia also happily made various boho jewelry and other powerful objects then she gave them away to others to help them. The four necklaces - what she made while she was pregnant with the four twins - were such a magical jewel as well. Unfortunately Macrame died in childbirth. The king found solace in his daughters who have never even left their father and Bohemia.

-What sould I do alone? – asked himself Rokve uncertainly. -I also go wandering, it cann’t be otherwise! Time to explore the kingdom, no pomp and accompaniment, but alone, in disguise! I have a few good friends who I visit!

She smiled at the thought of this and immediately started making preparations.
Bohemia consisted 12 provinces and people had different crafts in each province. Those who had no connection with the agriculture, continually wandered in the kingdom.

rokve king of bohemia boho jewelryThe king of Bohemia

Next morning, Rokve dressed up as a simply traveler with road eater boots and with a cloak what protects from everything. Then took his bottomless bag and left the palace. By the timet he court woke up, the king was long gone. His way led through a forest where the tired, old trees relied on each other over the road and obscure the sun. Rokve didn’t minde it. It was a hot summer day, when the air waves over the dusty road and the king of Bohemia was still far from his destination. He decided to visit the Ripas in the third province. Ripa people were natural born horse riders, horse breeding and care was their sacred duty. All kinds of horse lived here: hackney, draft horse, courser, competing, galopping, giant and tiny, gentle and fierce. The color and pattern of the horses was quite varied, their mane was classified according to their type and it could be used for different purposes. Some were so strong that the Ripa women woven chain mail and other rugged but beautiful clothes from it. An other kind of mane was not only strong but also very flexible, so they used on bows, instead of string. And the transparent and lightweight mane rope haven’t even mentioned! Rokve ate the road with his boots more and more joyfully, but it was getting dark and he has done only the half of the road. So he turned to the old trees and said:

-Which of you will give me shelter this night?

He didn’t have to wait long, one of the trees pushed itself from its fellow with a big sigh and reveald a lair lined with moss to the king. Meanwhile a thin ray of moonlight also could illuminate the path.

-Thank you for the hospitality! – said Rokve. He wrapped himself into his cloac and comfortably settled into the cavity. Then the tree closed the shelter and during another big sigh leaned back to the shoulder of the fellow standing on the other side of the road. The landscape fell asleep.

To be continued...

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